AVI 1861

Here are some pictures of the CDP1861 replacement I built. This is based on the design from Spare Time Gizmos (Thank you for making the design files available.).

My goal was to get the board down to the size of a 24 pin dip. The board was soldered by hand using a normal Weller TC201T iron. I cleaned the assembled board in acetone.

I had the boards made at www.pad2pad.com. I used their free software to design the boards. When I priced out the boards 1 was going to cost as much as 80. So I placed an order for 100 individual boards. They panelized them and actually shipped me 128. So far I have built three of them. Not sure what I am going to do with the rest. I guess I now have a lifetime supply of 1861s.

I hope you found this interesting.


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